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Friday, July 29, 2011

Deficit/taxes, etc.

Deficit, deficit, deficit.  OMG, how are we ever gonna get rid of this terrible deficit?

Here's an idea.  Let's invest in this nation's infrastructure.  God knows we need an updated infrastructure.  God knows most of our bridges are dangerous and could come down at any time.  God knows we better fix our roads or Americans can and will DIE.

Let's invest 200 billion dollars per year in fixin up this country.  Wha'd'ya say?  Let's take part of the money from the Fed, some from the Sate and some from Counties and Cities.  What would happen?  Well, for one thing, people would go back to work building.  Manufacturing would get a boost.  Finally, we would be Americans investing in America.  In a decade, we could pay off the deficit and probably be forced to deal with a 'surplus.'

So, Wha'd'ya say?
All you folks who went to the Stampede this year, you might have seen Dan Mink and his horse.  He was also seen on America's Got Talent and made it to the top 10 contestants.  Good on ya, Dan.  Ya bring notice to Idaho and your home town, Jerome.

Don’t raise taxes on poorest in country
   Boehner’s talk about not raising taxes implies we are stupid.
   Social Security and Medicare have been and are mandatory imposed taxes. Anyone on Medicare pays a $115 monthly premium (tax) for minimal coverage and another $135 for the Advantage plan. I know because my Mom does.
   By raising premiums and co-pay on Medicare while cutting back on services available, Boehner would in fact be raising the taxes on the elderly.
   He likes to refer to this as cutting spending. Get real, Boehner, we are not as stupid as you think.
   When he says he is doing what’s best for the people, he really means his people.
   President Obama is willing to forfeit the tax cuts. Why aren’t Boehner and his crones?
   You and I are the people in “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It’s time we stood up for ourselves. Let him know at SpeakerBoehner@mailhouse  . gov that raising taxes on the elderly is not acceptable.
   He would like us to believe removing certain tax cuts for the extremely wealthy would be an unjust tax increase, when it would instead put things back in perspective. Are we to believe that raising taxes on the poorest in the country is just?
   Greed begets greed. It is not money that’s the root of evil, it is the love of it.
   I keep hearing “big corporations,” as if these were inanimate objects. They are not. They are compiled of filthy rich people — individuals who benefit from all of the extra tax breaks. The larger their profits, the bigger their bonuses.
   Take all of the cuts Idaho state officials made, then rewarded themselves with hefty bonuses. This is what the individuals at the top of big corporations do — take advantage of the poor and reward themselves.
   n Grace Williamson, Caldwell

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