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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Deluded

OMG  Where to start?  Mr. Kindall is so wrong it's almost childishly ridiculous.  Let's take these positions one by one:

  1. Record Unemployment:  Wrong.  Record unemployment was in 1930 where nearly 20% of Americans were unemployed.  At 9%, it's not even close to a record.
  2. Record Gas Prices:  Come on folks, how soon we forget $4.00 gas prices less than 10 years ago.
  3. Record Foreclosure Rate:  Ich.  Not even close to 1929-1935.
  4. Failed Foreign Policy:  Actually, we are in better shape in this area than we were during either Bush presidencies.
  5. Government Run Heath Care:  Seriously?  We've had government run health care since Roosevelt created Medicare and Social Security.  Is this guy saying we should do away with government health care?  Look out gray beards!
  6. Escalating Tax Rates:  This is the problem.  The tax rates for the rich have not escalated.  The poor are indeed paying the bills while the rich get richer.
  7. Bloated Corrupt Government:  hehehe!  This is an oxymoron.  It is so stupid I hesitate to say anything.  To say any government is corrupt is a given.  Is our government corrupt?  Somewhat.  However, a democratic government is a far cry from being as corrupt as say a communistic government or any dictator run government.  American government has too many checks and balances to be too corrupt.  See: Meltdown in another blog.  Eventually, corruption will out, i.e., Watergate and other well known boondoggles.
  8. Big Business Takeovers:  Hmmm.  What does this mean?  Do businesses take over other businesses?  If so, he is absolutely correct.  This has been going on forever.  Capitalism is based on the survival of the fittest economically.  That's why we have government as a buffer and regulator.  Without government, Capitalism would eat this country up and there would be nothing but huge, monsterous business running everything, i.e., 1984 [the movie and book].
  9. Go To War With A Sovereign State [Arizona]:  War?  Hardly.  Arizona was breaking constitutional law the government had every right to intercede.
  10. Chicago Style Politics:  I can only assume Mr. Kimball means Tamany Hall type politics where the town is run by a few political biggies who keep getting themselves elected over and over and if they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, they lie their way out of it.  Sounds like Republican Politics to me.  Okay, you finally said something I agree with...kinda.
The problem with guys like this is people actually listen to their idiotic ideas.  They have no math or science to back up their outrageous statements, yet they put 'em out for us to consume and believe we will just take 'em at face value.  Mr. Kimball doesn't realize some folks actually look up his pseudo-facts.

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