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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


History shows tax cuts don’t create jobs
   I am tired of listening to the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the Republican Party and their supporters regarding the debt crisis facing our country.
   The only thing that comes out of their mouths is the claim that any tax increase will not be considered since it will “kill jobs,” and that the only thing that will stimulate job growth is a tax reduction.
   They really need to take a look at the facts. When President Clinton left office, there was a current surplus of $236 billion, a federal debt of $5.6 trillion, and an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent.
   When President Bush left office, there was a current deficit of $1.2 trillion; a federal debt of $10.7 trillion and an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent. In addition, an economy that was in a serious recession was on the verge of a depression.
   All of the above changes during the Bush years occurred following the tax cuts enacted during 2002. If tax cuts create jobs, then where are the jobs?
   Yes, after President Obama took office, the deficit, debt and unemployment have increased. However, one has to consider the speed and direction that our economy was headed when he took office.
   Just consider this — how long does it take to reverse course when you are facing a disaster, especially when you have an opposition party whose only goal is to ensure that the president fails?
   One other comment, which I think needs to be included here, is a constant comment that I hear from Sean Hannity on the cable network referred to as Fox News. Mr. Hannity is constantly referring to the president as a “cry baby.” Well, the only elected official who I have ever seen who needed a box of tissues with him is the current Republican Speaker of the House.
   n Chuck Whitten, Nampa

Here, here Chuck.  Finally, some who makes sense in this paper.  Good on ya fella.

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