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Thursday, July 14, 2011


A voice of reason in a sea of nuts-ness:

Shutdown could lead to mass graves
   Open letter to all legislators concerned:
   Have you given any consideration at all to the ramifications of holding our armed forces and senior citizens’ income hostage in order to help the very wealthy not pay their fair share toward keeping this country out of bankruptcy?
   If you hold up their checks, even for one month, it will cause a snowball effect like you’ve never seen before. A domino effect that can never be rectified. Every one of these people will be late on all of their lifesustaining payments, causing late fees they will probably never be able to catch up.
   What little insurance they now have will be dropped due to nonpayment. Many will die from lack of medical care and food. Will we have mass graves to bury them due to lack of finances?
   Many will be displaced from their homes for lack of rent or mortgage payment. Many rentals have a $25 a day late charge. Where will these people go?
   How are the men and women in our armed forces supposed to concentrate on their duties knowing their families back home may become homeless? How can you expect them to give their all when they are under threat of losing everything 
they are fighting for?
   I have sent this letter to all of our representatives both federal and state. If you are in these categories or care about those who are please let the legislation know before it’s too late.
   Please give these dilemmas careful consideration before you go forth with your threats.
   n Sandra Corey, Caldwell

Bully for Sandra.  She's dead-on with her scenario.  Not only would the poor be out in the cold, but the one's still alive and not hurting would revolt in such a way that would insure no Republican would ever hold office in the next election. 

Hip, Hip, Horay Sandra.

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