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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Government a Parasite

Is this guy for real?

Federal government is parasite; we are host
   Our nation’s financial demise is at hand. Our collapse is inevitable with or without an extension of the debt limit.
   Laws of nature, God, or physics (take your pick) will ultimately prevail over politics or politicians.
   Government at all levels is parasitic, and taxpayers are the host. Parasites can exist as long as the host remains healthy and larger than the parasite. When the parasite exceeds the size of the host, the death of both host and parasite will occur.  [How interesting.  The US government is a parasite?  Interesting.  I don't ever remember me electing a parasite to represent me.  What a cynical way to look at government.  If this guy's right, then we need to excise this parasite...i.e., the Federal Governement/State Government/County Government and Local Governments.  Let's follow that to the logical conclusion.  What would we be without government?  We would go back to survival of the fittest anarchy...back to hunter/gatherer status.]
   Currently 50 percent of our citizens pay no federal income tax, and the federal parasite must suck money from the wealthiest among us. After this is done, the federal parasite will suck wealth from anyone remaining with money.  [50%?  Really?  I'd be interested to know where he got that statistic?  I found statistics that state approximately 50% of Americans pay no taxes because they 'overpaid' taxes and got a zero refund or a plus refund.  Is that what this guy means?  People pay taxes, but they over pay and get refunds?  ""  Talks about who pays taxes and I cannot find anything that says 50% of our citizens pay no federal income tax.  I did find that about 35% of Idahoans didn't owe taxes at the end of 2011.  But they did indeed pay taxes in 2011, they just got refunds because they 'overpaid.'  I hate to say it, but I think this guy's just pissin' in the wind with his stats.
   Wealth is a relative measure, and eventually anyone with a dime in his or her pocket will be wealthy relative to the person without a dime.  Duh.
   It is time for all of us to become more self-reliant and solidify family and community relations. Do not count on the government to solve problems.  Really?  Count on the government to solve problems?  Who does that?  They only time one relies on the Fed/State to help out is if there is no other help out there.  Besides, governments are supposed to help solve problems that are too huge for the average citizen to solve, like health and welfare of 'all' citizens or paying off debts to other countries or mounting an army to defend all the citizens [a guy in his backyard with a 30-30 just won't do the job.  We need government.  We do not, however, need a corrupt government or a dictatorship government.
    Lewis M. Work, Eagle  Sorry Lewis.  You got the wrong idea about the government and government's job in our society.  Anarchy doesn't work... especially on a national level.

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