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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cut, don't tax

We need spending cuts, not tax increases
   In answer to Sandra Corey of July 14 — you have great compassion, but don’t know where to direct that rage. You obviously haven’t done any homework on this subject.
   Idaho legislators are Republicans. They don’t want this to happen and are trying to stop it. They have come up with cuts, and the Democrats (Obama) refuse to even listen.
   You should give the letter directly to President Obama.
   Just so you understand, the government has bills for next month that total about $308 billion. Taxes will bring in a bit over $174 billion.
   The wealthy are paying a very large share of that amount (remember, only 50 percent of Americans pay federal income taxes at all -Where the hell does this figure come from, Fox News?-). That leaves about $134 billion short.  See yesterday's post.  This is a ridiculous statement.  50%?  What is actually happening, is that about that percentage of people get refunds on their taxes overpayment or they have exemptions that allow them to pay a zero amount on their 1040 forms.  They DO, however, they all pay taxes ALL YEAR LONG.
   People still say “blame it on Bush.” Bush was never more than $35 billion short for the month. This is Bush times four.  Of course we blame it on Bush.  Who was President before Obama.  Who took over the huge deficit?  Obama.  Who ran up the tab?  Bush.  Pretty simple, I'd say.  35 billion short per month?  That would be, let's 8 years...3.6 trillion dollars by the end of his Presidency.
   Any economist will tell you that to raise taxes on anyone now will only make things worse. We need to cut spending.  What idiocy!  We will never get out of this deficit by trying to cut expenses.  It just won't happen.  I don't how many times I have to prove this to people.  I do agree one has to deal with the deficit, but to cut expenses to necessary services like Social Security won't get the job done.  Let's just assume you cut out Social Security completely.  Don't you think there would be something else that would take it's place?  Government is not a business.  It cannot make a profit.  It cannot create wealth.  All the government can do is spend the money we give it through taxation.  So, given that fact, where should the government look to lessen the deficit?  Taxes.  It's simple.  Don't cut taxes, cut out the loopholes in the Tax Code and tax people who haven't paid their fair share for decades, the rich.  We've overtaxed that poor so long, they just take it without too much complaint, but now it's time we let the rich know they owe too.
   When asked at the press conference recently what the president would cut, he couldn’t name anything he would cut. That means he plans to cut nothing from anywhere.  The President doesn't need to cut anything.  All he has to do is raise the taxes on people making more than $200,000 per year.  If he did that, the deficit would decline by a massive amount each year and be paid off probably in the next decade.
   The president is trying to scare you by using cuts to Medicare and the military as a tactic not to cut anything and to get the Republicans to raise taxes. He has the ability to have the available tax money go to Medicare and the military before going to other giveaways.  The President didn't threat to cut Medicare or the Military...the Republicans did that.  The President only iterated what they proposed in their cuts.
   It’s all smoke and mirrors, trying to make you think he is in control. He is in control — of the flush handle, and our money is moving around the bowl.  This person is obviously someone who does not understand economics or how the government works or what has been going on in government since the time Obama decided to run for President.  It has been one long filibuster by the Right ever since.  He got elected to bring about 'change' in government, but whenever he tries, the Right blocks him.  They have turned out to be The Party of NO not the party who cares about this country.  Let's keep our jobs boys, to hell with what happens next!
   Wayne Butterfeld, Nampa

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