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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Elected officials should start working for people

   I find former Gov. Andrus’ comment about the current leadership of Idaho hit the nail on the head when he said “Politicians are too concerned about perpetuating themselves in office and not willing enough to make the tough decisions to solve real problems. It has become a one-party system controlled by a small handful of individuals who dictate the message. They don’t even allow members of their own party to disagree with the leadership and vote their own convictions.”     

This has been my experience with the current administration, i.e. Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, and Gov. Otter’s reluctance to pursue inconsistencies in the policies of the Department of Insurance. So it really came as no surprise when I came across and independent agency report: www.stateintegrity  . org/idaho, that gives Idaho an “F” rating in “executive accountability,” “legislative accountability,” “ethics enforcement agencies” and the “Department of Insurance,” among others.    It is time our elected officials start working for “we the people,” not corporate America. I would like to ask those politicians to do the job we put them in their prospective offices to do or step down and let those who will protect public interests, not corporate interests, to take their place.    

I find it disheartening that so many elections there are so many unopposed positions. As was the case with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in the 2010 Election. We need someone like Gov. Andrus who is not afraid to make the tough choices, not just perpetuate the status quo.
James Mundell, Fruitland 

I agree with James, but he didn't go far enough.  Our state ranks 41st out of 50 in total categories that the State Integrity folks measure.  It got a D- in Judicial Accountability, and an overall grade of D-.

Andrus is absolutely correct when it comes to our state's officials not caring about the people any longer.  All they care about is their positions of power and keeping their political machine operating in top condition.  It's egregious and it's probably a bit unlawful.  We need to vote these cronies out, but will we?  Probably not.  We, the voting public, have believed these guy's lies for so long, we actually think they are telling us the truth...

It's time we made them accountable for their errors in judgement. 

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