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Thursday, November 15, 2012

See Mitt, you were wrong.  Forty Nine percent of us are poor, not 47%.  See below: [note post at the end]

Census shows high of 49.7M poor in U.S.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The ranks of America’s poor edged up last year to a high of 49.7 million, based on a new census measure that takes into account medical costs and work-related expenses.     

The numbers released Wednesday by the Census Bureau are part of a newly developed supplemental poverty measure. Devised a year ago, this measure provides a fuller picture of poverty the government believes can be used to assess safety-net programs by factoring in living expenses and taxpayer-provided benefits.     

Based on the revised formula, the number of poor people exceeded the 49 million, or 16 percent of the population, who were living below the poverty line in 2010. That came as more people in the slowly improving economy picked up low-wage jobs last year but still struggled to pay living expenses. The revised poverty rate of 16.1 percent also is higher than the record 46.2 million, or 15 percent, that the government’s official estimate reported in September.     

Due to medical expenses, higher living costs and limited immigrant access to government programs, people 65 or older, Hispanics and urbanites were more likely to be struggling economically under the alternative formula. Also spiking higher in 2011 was poverty among full-time and parttime workers.

You see, Mitt and Paul just didn't get it.  Didn't understand what the math meant.  Didn't understand that the 47-now-49% of the population of this country really do understand why they are poor and it ain't because of Obama's policies.  It's because for 8-prior years and beyond, the Republicans drove us off a fiscal cliff with their 'trickle down' fuzzy economic math.  Now, in order to regain our fiscal sanity, the poor know who has to pay...the RICH.  They were the favored few during the Bush years, now they have to ante up.  Now they have to suffer just it tiny bit to help get America back on it's feet.

Who feels sorry for 'em?  Not me.  You have to be a Tea Partier or a radical Repugnican in order to feel sorry for that bunch.  WE, the people of the United States, are not sorry for the fat cats who allowed us to drive into a fiscal abyss, and we believe their tab is due and payable!

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