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Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Right-Wingnut Crap from Bullshit Mountain

Questionable switch in election results

   “I consider it unimportant who will vote, or how, but consider it extremely important who counts the votes and how” — Joseph Stalin.     

On election night, I went upstairs at 8 p.m. while Romney was leading, and when I returned at 9 they were declaring that the leader of the present administration had “earned” re-election!    I remembered two years ago I was convinced that these “leaders” would do anything to stay in power. They did everything. Concentrating on the swing states, I believe they intimidated voters, fought hard to have no ID required in those states, “lost” the military ballots and voted more ballots than there were registered voters in many precincts.     

Computer software can be programmed to change a 51-49 split into a 49-51 split undetectable. All this combined, allowed a million-vote swing in the “swing” states, and the recorded votes showed a narrow victory for the incumbent. With Holder as attorney general, there is no recourse in the courts.     

I know God is in control of His universe and this is part of His plan. We must follow alongside Him. Those of us who still believe in our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will continue to claim those rights through all that comes our way. Stand firm for truth and the truth will set us free, no matter what the world does.     

We had a capitalist running against a combination socialist, fascist and Communist, and capitalism lost.    

I am looking forward to these next few years as an amateur historian. If we do not study history, we repeat it over and over and over again.     

Here we have, Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini all rolled into one.     
As in last month’s letter, I urge you to read: 1 Thes 5:16-22NLT    Glen Benedict, Nampa

Doncha just love all the terrible conspiracies out there to keep the GOP down?  Now it's all those terrible vote counters and rigged voting machines and idiot statistic folks who are undermining our wonderful country and, while doing it, are tearing it asunder.  Oh woe is me.  Alas and alack.  I've lost another election because I was too stupid to believe math.  I squandered my lead by belittling 47% of the voting public and said that there was a think called "Legitimate Rape."  Oh woe and depression.  I'm so down.  Those communists in the Democratic party have ruined MY AMERICA, I just don't know how I'll live for another 4 years until my GOP will crank up the machine again and piss off all the women and races -- except for the White Angle Saxon Males -- in the process.  How can you feel sorry for these numbskulls?

We ‘extremists’ aren’t going to give up

So now that the entitlement crowd, the Hollywood “elite” and other seriously delusional folks have re-elected “The One,” we, the extremist element, are supposed to sit in class and reinvent our own philosophical views?    

I ask this in response to Donna Brazile, David Axelrod, Harry Reid, et al, setting themselves up as the new advisory committee to the conservatives, i.e. Republicans.     

Now that you sycophants are basking in the afterglow of what Obama describes as “the American people giving me a mandate for the future,” we are fully expected to pay attention to the fatherly advice spewed from the mouth of this cadre of the crème de la crème of the liberals in Washington?     

I have news for you. We “Tea Party extremists,” aren’t willing to give free reign to this socialist in the White House.     

You people haven’t paid attention to the history of those who would rule in contempt over the masses. Recall, if you will, Hitler, Mussolini, Caesar, Marie Antoinette and others who put on the iron glove of heavy-handed government.     

No, Barney Frank, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, it can only go so far until these terrible right-wingers have had enough and will be pushed to the limit.     

Your eventual undoing will be of your own making. This petulant, narcissistic president will be the most miserable man to ever hold that office before his term is over.     

This is Nero at his fiddle once again. The only difference is that this guy, in the face of a crisis or difficulty, hops aboard Air Force One, off to a Third World country to bow and scrape to a tin-god dictator, taking our cash to subsidize their oil exploration.     

I know right from wrong. I’m a patriot, and we’re not willing to sacrifice freedom for a little security.  Jack Kindall, Nampa

Heil Hitler Mr. Jack Kindall.  The Nazi Party lives and breaths...oh, and by the way it drinks tea!  

I love this one: "petulant, narcissistic president".  Ain't it grand?  Did anyone see the debates?  Petulant and narcissitic?  Well, let's trot out ol Mitt who tried to bully and upstage and out volume the president and even the moderators.    My God man, are you a homophobe or what?  In the dictionary under Homophobia, it shows your picture.  No wonder your man lost, you piss off nearly everyone who has an ounce of education.  Crawl back in your hole and hibernate.  You don't belong in polite society with all your ranting and railing about how Socialistic this country is as you drive on your socialistic highways and cross your socialistic bridges and collect your Social Security [be it a voucher or not].  

If you hate this administration so much, leave!  Nobody'll miss you.  You're and embarrassment to every THINKING American out there.

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