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Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a great cartoon and so true:

Today's editorial cartoon
This is the problem with Repugnicans.  They're the party of gloom and doom.  They are the Eeyore party living in the Hundred Acre Wood, and there's not a Tigger in the whole bunch of 'em.  They are all wee li'l Piglets, who are very tiny animals and easily don't do anything to alarm them.

Obamacare will break the nation.  The debt will cripple our economy...FOREVER.  The Jihadists will murder us all in our sleep.  There is no global warming only a big government conspiracy concocted by the Obama Administration to tell us we are doomed.  Social Security will be broke this time next year if we don't overhaul it.  Everyone is either on Medicaid or Food stamps and we've become a nation of have-not-but-want-it-alls.  The election was lost because the Black and Hispanics actually voted -- them and those other dratted government teat people on social security or disability!

What next?  Aliens will come down from the planet Democratala and devour us all?  The third world nations will rise up and kill every red-blooded Tea Party patriot?  The U.S. Government will have so many rules and regulations, we'll be come a socialist-communist nation ruled by a Politbureau?  The south will rise again -- after seceding from the U.S. -- and save us all by flying the Confederate Flag and saying the pledge of allegiance quoting 4 of the 10 Commandments in the NEW White House located in Athens, Georgia; the NEW President, Bubbah Jimmy Joe Johns will carry a big stick and speak softly and be able to sing all of Toby Keith's songs by heart?

Don'cha just get sick of their whining and bitching and moaning?  Isn't it getting just a bit tiresome?  Don'cha just wish the Jihadists would actually come over here and bomb Fox News with nuclear Jello?

Well I do.

And Booya:

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