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Friday, November 9, 2012

Idaho is a Red State. I don't think I'm out of line to say that. It's steeped in Conservative Ideals. It's been my home for 70 years and I love this state and chose to continue to live here when I could have lived anywhere in this country. But is this the same state I grew up to love and respect? In some ways, yes, in other ways no.

In this last election I saw just how ugly we can get with people who don't agree with us. God help you if you are a Democrat in this state. Most of my life was lived as a Republican, but since the election of Ronald Reagan, and the deregulation of Big Businesses and the Fuzzy Math involved in Trickle-down Economics, I dropped out of the Republican Party and now call myself a Democrat.

I've lived through Nixon's lies and deceit. I've lived though eight years of Dubya's nuttiness and his leading us into a needless war with Iraq and driving our country into a near depression. Finally, I watched the biggest flip-flopper of all time, Mitt Romney, try to take over this country by buying the election [$400 billion spent...can you believe it?]. I think the money could have been better spent.

Now, after the defeat of the Republican in this year's national election, the Affordable Care Act will remain law for the foreseeable future. Just once, I would like to see Republicans work with us Democrats to get things done for the good of America. And, Republicans, forgodsake stop saying President Obama is some great big evilness that will ruin our nation. That's just ridiculous and demeaning to yourself and your party. Stop whining. You lost. The people won. LET IT GO.

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