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Friday, November 16, 2012

Finally, a word about secession.  Whine, whine, hoo.  You Red Staters lost an election and now you want to secede?  What are you idiots?  Do you even have a skiff of an idea what secession would mean?  Here, let me give you an idea.

  • No more federal help.
  • No more Medicaid.
  • No more Medicare
  • No more Social Security
  • No more federal help for infrastruture like bridges, highways.
  • No more federal help for Firefighters and/or police.
  • No more anything from the fed.
 Are you crazy?  And you've actually got a petition out there for intelligent people to sign?  Yes, you are crazy.

And a word to you fat cats that are going to make your employees pay for Obamacare.  May you rot in hell for your smugness and uncaring.  This is the type of attitude that ruins this country.  You rich guys are just a bunch of sore losers.  You've got to give your employees health insurance so they aren't a burden on society when they get sick.  You poor, poor bastards.  I'll never eat at Papa John's again, I refuse to burn coal and Denny's, you can kiss my Sunday meals goodby.  I know it ain't much, but it's how I feel and hope others do the same.  If you are going to make your employees pay, then we will make YOU pay.

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